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Boots handpicked and designed by our team. Built, designed, and tested to go anywhere with anyone. This Collection ties our family, our heritage, and the future of this brand all together in one piece.

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      Melissa Riitano is an all-terrain veteran. She needs a boot that can go anywhere and hike anything. Whether she is in the streets or in the Wasatch backcountry, The #K2Cosmo is her boot of choice, and it is now available in Melissa’s signature Home Run Colorway.

      A freestyle staple from the jump, the K2 Cosmo is the perfect blend of classic and modern and is designed to keep you lapping in comfort and style. Mid-to-soft in flex, the Cosmo is packed full of no-nonsense technology that works and offers an unparalleled fit.

      When designing the K2 Cosmo snowboard boot, we combined tried-and-true traditional shell lacing with Mobility Conda™ liner lacing, powered by a BOA® dial liner. Our Mobility Conda™ technology is micro-adjustable to provide superior heel hold and support. Underfoot, we’ve placed our RollSole™ outsole atop a lightweight EVA midsole, maximizing medial flex and range of motion for grabs, tweaks, and presses, all while keeping your feet, ankles, and knees protected from the impact of those harsh landings.

      The breathable Intuition® Control Foam 3D liner is heat moldable to the exact shape of your feet and features ankle pockets and internal and external j-bars to hug your feet while keeping them warm and dry until you call it quits for the day.

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        Blazing a new trail, The Ender by Curtis Ciszek combines tech & comfort in this flexible freeride boot. A traditional lace outer is married with our BOA™ with Conda™ heel retention system to create a boot packed with features and keep you comfortable where the snow is the deepest.

        K2 Ender Men's Snowboard Boots 2023



        Are you looking for a premium all-mountain freestyle snowboard boot featuring a mid-to-stiff flex and traditional shell lacing? The K2 Ender snowboard boot is packed full of features and is the perfect companion for riding, hiking, and tweaking; and loves digging the car out after the deepest of days.

        The Ender snowboard boot was tweaked and perfected with K2 Team Rider Curtis Ciszek and adds next-level features to a traditional lace boot. Lace locks at the 45° of the boot keep your boot tight all day long and deliver an unmatched fit when combined with our Mobility Conda™ with BOA® fit system heel retention. This means more control in the boot, translating to more control of your snowboard. The grippy and rugged Vibram® RollSole™ outsole features a rolled medial side of the boot, allowing for maximum mobility and tweakability.

        To help make the snowboarder’s experience as pleasant as possible, the K2 Ender boot features our Harshmellow™ vibration damping technology in the midsole, helping to absorb impact, reduce fatigue, and provide a more “quiet” feel while snowboarding. Our Endo™ 2.0 construction is paired with a fully articulating shell to deliver a smooth, distortion-free flex on turns, grabs, and landings while maintaining a consistent flex over the lifetime of the boot. Finally, we round out the K2 Ender by cradling your foot in an Intuition® Pro Foam 3D liner, featuring a 95% post-consumer coffee mesh liner to absorb odor while keeping your feet warm and dry all day.

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        home run lp product maysis

          David Djité approaches the deepest days with an effortless ability to surf through the deepest snow with style. The K2 Maysis is David’s boot of choice and an all-terrain favorite.

          K2 Maysis Men's Snowboard Boots 2023



          We designed the Maysis to perform like a workhorse and fit like a glove, and its feature-forward design has it ranked as a perennial bestseller.

          It starts with a heat-moldable liner made of open-cell Intuition® foam - allowing the liner to form to the exact shape of your leg, ankle, and foot for superior fit, warmth, and comfort. The secret to the award-winning fit is our Conda™ liner lacing system. Powered by a BOA® Fit System dial, this forgiving and adjustable harness is designed to pull the user's heel into the boot's heel pocket. This urethane-based harness hugs your ankle and flexes naturally.

          Externally, we started with an articulating cuff to reduce distortion when bending the knee, and we've added an abrasion-resistant rubber compound for unrelenting durability. A high-powered BOA® Fit System H4 Coiler closes the shell securely and can be done without removing your gloves.

          Lastly, to add durability and maintain the boot's flex over the boot's lifetime, we constructed the K2 Maysis using our Endo™ technology. Underfoot, we've used premium materials to improve damping and grip. The outsole is built using our proprietary This Grips!™ dual-rubber compound to provide excellent grip both on and off the snow. This is all set atop a dual-density midsole comprised of a lightweight EVA and our proprietary Harshmellow™, designed to dampen vibration on rough terrain and cushion big landings.

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          home run lp product orton

            The Orton Boot was designed and tested by Sage Kotsenburg himself. It's the perfect boot that redefines the crossover between freeride and freestyle. Packed with tech and the right tools to withstand any terrain.

            K2 Orton Men's Snowboard Boots 2023



            Back for its sophomore season, the K2 Orton has done precisely what we set it out to do; redefine the crossover freeride/freestyle snowboard boot space. Tested and vetted by K2 Team Rider Sage Kotsenburg, he pushed prototypes to their limits - riding lines in Alaska, going huge in the Jackson backcountry, and treating the entirety of Brighton Resort like a terrain park.

            The Orton is absolutely packed with tech. It starts with a foundation of a zonal closure system and articulating cuff to reduce shell distortion and provide consistent heel hold. The shell lacing features the H4/M3 Zonal BOA® Fit System with TX3 BOA® Rope Laces. The upper shell lacing is powered by an H4 Coiler BOA® dial, and the lower shell lacing is controlled by an M3 BOA® dial, allowing the rider to independently control the upper and lower zones of the boot for the perfect fit. The exterior uses bulletproof HDR Premium Synthetic materials - this helps to resist abrasion and makes for a longer-lasting snowboard boot. Inside, our Intuition® Pro Foam 3D Liner can be heat molded to your foot and ankle's exact shape and size. We've added our heat-reflective SpaceHeater™ material to the boot to help keep feet warm and dry.

            Underfoot, K2's all-new ultra-rugged Vibram® V5 Outsole provides industry-leading traction and durability in all conditions and terrain. This Vibram® rubber compound comprises at least 30% recycled rubber. Better grip, better for the environment. The V5 rubber outsole is wrapped around a midsole made up of a traditional EVA and K2's proprietary Harshmellow™ material - helping to absorb impact, increase damping, and provide a more "quiet" feel while snowboarding.

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