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    K2 Instrument Men's Snowboard 2022

    A Perfect Blend of Taper and Sidecut. The Turn's Best Friend.


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    For some of us each run at the resort is like listening to a jazz band play a live show - it’s spontaneous, making decisions on the fly, where to carve, where to slash, and how fast to roll into that side hit. The easiest way to describe it is that you simply get into the groove, and like a musician riffs on their stand-up bass, the K2 Instrument is the snowboard that you need to navigate the contours of the terrain as they come.

    Before we talk tech, let’s talk about shape. This directional model from K2 features a traditional camber line and utilizes our Volume Shift™ design to add just the right amount of width to the board for laying trench on groomers without reducing responsiveness. A longer radius in the tip of the board eases turn initiation, while a deeper sidecut underfoot helps to rail hard arcing turns. The Instrument features a .75” inch (1.9 cm) set back and 20mm of taper to help it plane out in the deep stuff. 

    Now, about the tech. It all starts with a hard, fast Sintered 4000 base with a full 360 degree wrap steel edge. Inside, a sustainably sourced Bambooyah™ core is equal parts durable and damp underfoot. Carbon Torque Forks™ extend out from the binding inserts to the edges of the snowboard at 45º angles for responsive power-transfer while maneuvering through tricky terrain, and the entire package is wrapped in ICG™ 10 Biax Fiberglass with tip-to-tail carbon stringers for chatter reduction and to deliver stability when it gets a lil’ rowdy. 



    Snowboards Category

    All Mountain , Powder ,

    Snowboard Playful/Precise


    Board Shape


    Snowboard Profile

    Camber ,

    Snowboard Shape Notes

    Volume Shift™ , Tapered Directional ,

    Snowboard Base

    4000 Sintered

    Snowboard Core


    Snowboard Glass

    ICG 10 Biax Glass with Carbon

    Snowboard Additive

    Carbon Torque Forks™ ,

    Snowboard Inserts

    2 X 4

    Snowboard Flex


    Snowboard Rail/Jib


    Snowboard Jumps/Pipe


    Snowboard Groomers


    Snowboard Powder


    Snowboard Width

    Standard ,


    30.9 - 26 - 29.9mm @ 157cm

    Best For:

    best for powder
    best for freeride
    best for groomers


    snowboard construction instrument


    snowboard flex instrument