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    K2 Alchemist Men's Snowboard

    Our Flagship Model, Packed With Premium Tech.


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    Riding the biggest lines and landing the biggest tricks requires precision, focus, and the right equipment to safely unstrap at the bottom. To meet the demands of team riders like Pat and Sage, the K2 Alchemist snowboard integrates all of our premium technology, and is the result of extensive testing and an obsessive desire to design the most capable freeride snowboard on the market.

    Our flagship model is truly the sum of its parts. Meticulously constructed with premium materials, the directional K2 Alchemist features a fully cambered profile and stiff flex that’s built to stack up to any terrain on the planet. We start with our lightweight, sustainably harvested Bambooyah™ Pro Core for unmatched durability, strength, and damping. Our Spectral Braid, a patent-pending technology which utilizes various geometric carbon compositions to precision tune the torsional flex, gives the board unmatched stability in all conditions. The Carbon Power Fork in the tail gives the board snap into and out of each turn, and adds stiffness to land the biggest drops. We use Tweekend™ on the nose of the board for a predictable, catch free feeling on every turn, and combine it with our proprietary Space Glass™ construction to cut weight from the nose while adding durability to withstand the harshest mountain terrain. The whole package is sandwiched in triaxially braided fiberglass, and we use our Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Base, our fastest and most durable base material, to get you down your line in one piece.

    There is no doubt, this board is the real deal. An aggressive directional snowboard built by obsessive snowboarders for obsessive snowboarders, the K2 Alchemist is at home in any terrain and ready to be unleashed on every chute, drop, or pow stash you can find.



    Snowboards Category

    Powder , All Mountain ,

    Snowboard Playful/Precise


    Board Shape


    Snowboard Profile

    Camber ,

    Snowboard Shape Notes

    Traditional Shape , Tapered Directional ,

    Snowboard Base

    Carbon Infused 5500 Carbon

    Snowboard Core

    Bambooyah™ Pro

    Snowboard Glass


    Snowboard Additive

    Spectral Braid , Spaceglass™ , Carbon Power Fork ,

    Snowboard Inserts

    2 X 4

    Snowboard Flex


    Snowboard Rail/Jib


    Snowboard Jumps/Pipe


    Snowboard Groomers


    Snowboard Powder


    Snowboard Width

    Standard , Wide ,

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