K2 Freeloader Unisex Splitboard 2024

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Countless hours on the skin track, a healthy number of summits and ridgelines, and more pow turns than we can count. It’s all led to this. The K2 Freeloader was built to climb faster, descend sharper, and get you further into the backcountry than any splitboard we’ve ever made.

The K2 Freeloader Splitboard is built on the same unisex outline as our Marauder Split. A bit of taper in the tail of the Freeloader helps it sink in the deep stuff, while the wider nose stays up well above the surface and blasts through choppy snow.

We wanted to build a splitboard that was both lightweight and energetic, so we developed an all-new core for the Freeloader. Our Paulownia TourLite core is ultra-lightweight and wrapped in triaxial braided fiberglass featuring our ICG™️ 20 technology. By integrating 20 tip-to-tail carbon fiber stringers into the fiberglass, we add pop to the board without unnecessary weight for edging and traversing on firm slopes and extra snappiness on the descent. Our premium top sheet technology, called Snophobic™️, reduces snow build-up on the top of the board while climbing to keep you moving fast and light. Less weight equals more extended tours and more laps.

We added Karakoram Ultra Clips to the tip and tail to allow the split skis to be compressed tighter while at the same time reducing the opening and closing force from you. Once joined, the UltraClip™ fully constrains the seam of your splitboard to eliminate seam rattling, seam shearing, and seam rolling. This makes your splitboard feel more like a solid snowboard than ever before.

Finally, we round out the Freeloader with our Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Base—the hardest and fastest-gliding base in our collection. This material holds wax longer than a traditional sintered base, and a black base material along the running surface makes for seamless repairs..

This Freeloader Package is equipped with Voile style binding mount pucks and mounting hardware.

The Freeloader Splitboard pairs perfectly with the K2 Far Out splitboard binding and the K2 Swiftstick 3-piece collapsible pole. Shop the K2 entire splitboard collection.



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